Father of Turkey-Ataturk, by Archaeologoous

                   Father of Turkey Mustafa Kemalataturk--- ATATURK

If you are planning on visiting Turkey, by cruise ship, air, or automobile, it would be wise to know a thing or two about Mustafa Kemal Ataturk or just Ataturk , the singular most important person in the recent history of this country..

He is considered the “father of the Turks” and “founder of modern Turkey”.  He was born in Salonica (now Thessaloniki, Greece’s 2nd largest city) in May of 1881. 

Reading about Ataturk will give you  a new prospective of how this one man and his dream changed Turkey, seemingly overnight, to be equipped to be the prominent player on the international stage it is today. You will then understand why such respect is given to this man. (FYI: Visitors should not insult his name or image even in passing conversation. The Turks feel indebted to Ataturk and guard his memory with honor).  After leading Turkey to victory in its “War of Independence“ at the end of WW1, he made rapid and radical reforms to the Turkish law and thus, society. He created huge changes like: a secular republic giving women “equal rights and changed the Turkish alphabet into Latin-script to help increase literacy. Because of this, scientific advancement, education, and religion all were transformed in a matter of a few years. Ataturk, his thoughts, and drive, transformed the former Ottoman Empire formerly run by Sultans, into a westernized, and modern nation-state.

You can find out more about this “giant visionary” and his life’s accomplishments and it will give you also, a greater appreciation and understanding of Turkey and it’s peoples’ pride.If you are on a guided tour your professional licensed guide will have all the information for you.

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Ataturk, Father of Turkey
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