Must eat Favorite Greek Dishes while vacationing by Archaeologous

 "Must Eat" Favorite Greek Dishes While You Vacation by Archaeologous

You've all heard of the famed Mediterranean diet,.... well for those of living in Greece, Italy, Turkey etc., it's just good home cooking. 

However, while you are vacationing in Greece or taking a Mediterranean cruise (where your every culinary desire will be satiated) here are some favorites "not" to be missed. 

Chicken dish with Santorini sun dried tomatoes (Santorini is known for it wine, split peas and tomatoes all which grow on the arid Cycladic island without the benefit of much rain.) 

Veal Sofrito is a local dish found in the Venetian neighborhoods of Corfu. This steamed-to-perfection tender meat dish gets its flavor and aroma from fresh cut parsley, vinegar and garlic. 

Dessert of Mousse with Mastic from the Greek island of Chios. Chios is the only place that Mastic is grown. There is an international business from the Mastic villages selling drinks, facial products, desserts all from the mastic resin. So ask for a mousse and enjoy your vanilla cream with yogurt and the unrivaled flavor from bits of mastic that are added to it. 

Of course, you can never go wrong with TOTAL Greek yogurt. This thick delicious yogurt is best eaten and enjoyed with a generous helping of pure raw Greek honey (from Ikaria if you can find it) or homemade Greek plum/cherry/apricot marmalades.

Enjoy your vacation, the Mediterranean cuisine and the ensuing smiles. 

Mediterranean cuisine-eggplant is great. Tell your Archaeologous guide your preferences.