Turkey is a star, 2012 World Archaeology Magazine by Archaeologous

Heads up! Turkey is a star! If you are interested in visiting Turkey  then start buying this years 2012  well known ‘Current World Archaeology Magazine'. They announced that starting in the May issue they would be focusing on Turkey’s amazing archaeological sites for the whole year!.

These sites will be some of the lesser known as well as the world known popular sites such as Ephesus and Izmir usually visited on private day tours. The “Turkish theme”, Turkish Odyssey, will be in all its issues for the rest of the year. There will be articles on the ancient Smyrna (Izmir) with it’s massive synagogue and gymnasium and it’s rival city, Ephesus, home of one of the Seven Wonders of the World. Get a head start so you can ask intelligent questions of your guide,  impress self, friends, or family with your knowledge.

These valuable articles are written by international and Turkish experts and academics with a firsthand insight into this plethora of rich culturally and historically valuable tourist locations. Starting  in the May issue were stories highlighting the restoration of one of the Terrace Houses of Ephesus’ wealthiest citizen. See that nothing in life is new. This Terrace House had 2 stories, dining room and salon downstairs and bedrooms upstairs, wall art mosaic floors, plus underground water and heating. In Izmir we were taught about the newly discovered water channels (that are still functional) found below Izmir's Agora.

Great stories of interest for history buffs page after page. You’ll read about one of the oldest olive presses dating from 6th century BC. It’s all exciting stuff if you like the glorious antiquity and the knowledge found in the world of archaeology. Happy reading and happy travels. If we can assist with your tour/s of Turkey please let us know.

Archaeologous recommends Current World Archaeology Magazine
2012 Current World Archaeology Magazine features "Turkish Odyssey"
All of 2012, World Archaeology Magazine will feature amazing TURKEY. Now you will have lots of questions for your personal Archaeologous guide.