Trekking through Turkey, an update by

Trekking through Turkey, an update by

If you are a hiker and love the great outdoors plus history, then Turkey needs your attention. Turkey is a huge beautiful country filled with hospitable people, history, ancient cities, great food, inexpensive, and a maze of old roads and trails that are now being opened.  There are many day-walks, plus if you are vacationing for a longer period of time there are long-distance cultural routes.

Ten years ago, the first long distance trail was launched. That was the Lycian Way and now many other international trail-blazers are following suit. Go to this site if you want more info on the fast developing parts of Turkey where you can trek, horse ride or bike. You can buy a guidebook, find a tour operator, info about independent trekking, background info.

If you are not an experienced trekker, then stick with the more mature routes like the Lycian Way. It is organized and has many group walks or self guided options, lots of accommodations and is not over-used.

Note: Heads up, main challenges are: lack of walking maps, variable rescue services, and not to many high-standard of accommodations.  However, all routes have GPS points, and most of the routes have guide books.  

Happy Travels.

Map of the walking system in place (Lydian Way) through ancient Anatolia history packed region of Turkey.
Beautiful Turkey, as seen on multi-day tour by