Insight into the Cuisine of Turkey by Archaeologous

             INSIGHT INTO CUISINE OF TURKEY--Eat Well, Eat Little

  Yes known for it's vibrant young society, its amazing shopping in the 4,000 stall Grand Bazaar, and there are breathtaking mosques and yet a trip to Turkey is not complete unless  one partakes in the exquisite cuisine. The culture of Asia Minor have a rich history that encompasses just about the entirety of mans experiences on the planet.  Politics, economics, natural and man-made disasters, religions, art,  etc. all have played enormous roles in the unfolding of the evolution of this area.

     Clothing, music, family and spiritualism have also made significant contributions. As in any culture, though, food or the process of preparing it, serving it and consuming it stands atop the ladder of importance.

     It stands as one of mankind's most fundamental needs and folk or indigenous cuisine always reflects the geography of the home culture.  Basic country food is based on meeting a need within the functioning parameters of the climate and environment.

     In consequence, to get a glimpse of country style Turkish cuisine, it is important to remember that Turkey is a very big and varied nation and that almost all foods prosper in some part of the vast countryside. If you are on a Mediterranean cruise and coming to the ports of Istanbul, Izmir or Kusadasi, you will be able to experience this experience.

     The core constitution of the cuisine are grains, legumes, fruits, vegetables, lamb, chicken and beef.  Due to the inherent richness of the geography, almost all foods are domestically cultivated and harvested.  In fact,Turkey is one of a few countries who grows more food than is domestically consumed.

     From this rich foundation, numerous guidelines have been handed down over the years that focus on the dining experience itself.  Dating back to the 11th century, some of these suggestions would behoove modern man to take a page from the past.   

   ** One is instructed not to eat until the eldest at the table begins.

   ** Another rule is to never blow on the food, or do not be gluttonous or recline.

   ** It is recommended that one should only take what one can hold in ones mouth.

   ** Additionally, one should eat and drink in moderation ------- In fact, the motto of the traditional Turkish dining experience could be a guide-line for all of us: 

                                            EAT WELL, EAT LITTLE.

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