About favorite Istanbul Tour-article by Archaeologous

Well done for vacationing in the “crossroads of culture”, Istanbul. Whether you are here for a day, week, or multi-day vacation, you will have an outstanding time.

A typical sightseeing day tour of Istanbul’s most favorites would be:Taking advantage of a 400 booth-600 year old Grand Bazaar for the most fun experience of a lifetime. Here you can get anything from silk to copper, from jewelry to leather goods, from ceramics to spices…you get thee point. You can haggle back and forth on the prices and usually leave feeling like you got a great deal. Then, the ladies feel good and you all can take in the world famous Blue Mosque (really grey from the outside but called Blue Mosque because of the thousands of Iznik blue tiles inside). Istanbul is great as so many of the favorite sightseeing activities are within walking distance once you get yourself to the Suleiman / Suleymaniye Square.

 Great for the whole family is the Underground Basilica Cisterns. More than a football field long, dark, mysterious and filled with columns and  ghost-like fish. Then a lunch of great Turkish cuisine which is a blending of the Greek, Italian, Egyptian, Ottoman, Assyrian cultures of the past.  

Some people want more history and head over to the Nat’l Archaeological museum ((there is a small park outside for those that want to take a quick nap or commune with nature) or the Hagia Sophia, world’s largest building for over 1,000 years, and still an amazing awe inspiring site. or those “done” with history for the day, a wonderful pampering steam and massage in an authentic Turkish Hamam is highly recommended.

Now “that” is how you can have a superior experience of Istanbul. Of course any reputable company will let you “Customize” your day tour. We’re here for any assistance you might require. Let us know.

Underground in Istanbul there is an amazing popular activity for the whole family. The Basilica Cisterns with it's statues, fish and football size cistern.
The entrance to the mega Hagia Sophia in Istanbul. Make sure to go up to the second floor. Awe inspiring!
National Archeological Museum-Istanbul- Magnificent sculpure. Notice the lack of bridal and reins. (Originally was gold and silver)