Ancient Greece with another 1st-Dirivatives by Archaeologous

You know, I am always fascinated by what I find when I research the two countries of Turkey and Greece that Archaeologous services with touring and educating vacationers to these two areas of the world.

Take Greece, did you know that derivatives can trace their roots back to ancient Greece? (of course along with democracy, medicine, theatre, philosophy etc)  It was a philosopher named Thales, as written about by Aristotle, who predicted the coming year's olive harvest would be unusually large. He negotiated "exclusive use" option contracts with the olive oil press owners for the next growing season, guaranteed by small deposits. All this to capitalize on his hunch. How's this for thinking out of the box.

He was right about there being a large crop, which then caused a severe shortage of press capacity. So as the result, he made impressive profits on his small outlay by 'reselling' his olive press use 'contracts' back to the very press owners who sold him the contracts to begin with.

This, and so many more wonderful interesting facts about Greece will be shared with you by your highly educated Archaeologous guides.

Look what Philosopher Thales started.