Private Guided Tours theme: Ancient legendary cities


ANCIENT CORINTH-Half Day Shared Tour

4hr Shared Preset tour

Take the Athens to Corinth shared tour for a brilliant glimpse into history. Visit the engineering marvel, the Corinth Canal as well as the ancient town of Corinth where St Paul lived and preached. The tour also includes the ancient Corinth Agora, Apollo Temple (6th century BC) and more. Return to Athens in time for lunch.


Athens and Corinth Deluxe Historical Day Tour

1 day Private Preset tour

Itinerary: Acropolis/Parthenon, Athens Modern and Ancient Architectural Highlights, Corinth Canal, Corinth-Ancient Corinth, Corinth-Museum and Time for Lunch.

The Deluxe Historica Athens and Corinth Day Tour takes you to the indoor/outdoor Corinth museum, ancient Corinth excavations, Corinth Canal, plus back in Athens, the Athens Acropolis/Parthenon and city highlights.

Private Ancient Corinth, Canal, Heraion & Nemea Wine Area

7hr Private Preset tour

Itinerary: Corinth Canal, Corinth Time for Lunch, Corinth-Ancient Corinth, Nemea Area Wine Experience and Sanctuary of Goddess Hera-Heraion of Perachora.

The Corinth and Nemea Historical private 7-8 hour 'guided'day shore excursion includes the engineering marvel of the Corinth Canal, Ancient Corinth ruins of Temple of Apollo, the Herion of Perachora, the Sanctuary of the Goddess Hera, and Nemea area for wine tasting. Plus, time for lunch is also included at a traditional Greek tavern/cafe.


Izmir Half Day Customized

4hr Private Custom tour

The beauty of our Izmir Half Day Customized private, guided shore tour is the ease in which you can choose and design your own best of Izmir sightseeing highlights

Izmir/Historical Wonders of Pergamon

8hr Private Preset tour

Itinerary: Pergamon Acropolis, Pergamon--Asklepion, Red Basilica and Time for Turkish lunch.

This guided private 8 hr tour, the Izmir/Historical Wonders of Pergamon visits the epic historic Pergamon (Upper and Lower) and is a cruise passenger favorite. Witness the Acropolis that Alexander the Great called Eagles Nest and which had the famous ancient health spa, Asklepieion.

Izmir-Legendary Sardis Guided Tour

8hr Private Preset tour

Itinerary: Izmir Kemeralti Bazaar, Sardis Gymnasium, Synagogue,Temple of Artemis, Sardis Temple of Artemis and Time for Turkish lunch.

The Izmir - Legendary Sardis guided private tour visits the mammoth Sardis synagogue and gymnasium plus the Temple of Artemis. Lunch time and Izmir's Kemeralti Bazaar for Turkish Delights is also included..

Izmir Custom Full Day Tour

8hr Private Custom tour

This popular 8 hour Izmir Custom Full Day Tour is a favorite because 'you' design your own 'customized' private guided tour. Mix and match from all of Izmir's best and favorite locations for your personal group.


Kusadasi Historic Priene, Miletus and Didyma

8hr Private Preset tour

Itinerary: Didyma, Miletus, Priene, Time for Turkish lunch and Walk around Kusadasi town with time for shopping.

This Kusadasi Historic Priene, Miletus and Didyma private guided full day shore excursion, is a spectacular excursion from Kusadasi Port to three of Turkey's most epic cities: Priene, Miletus and Didyma. Priene, (the first street grid and steepest theatre), Miletus, (home to Alexander the Great and a most impressive theatre of Anatolian history), lunchtime, and Didyma, (home of the Oracle of Apollo).