About Archaeologous, our Private Tour Guides & Vehicles

Archaeologous offers private day tours as well as multi-day excursions in the countries of Greece and Turkey. Using only professionally licensed guides along with new A/C vehicles, we strive for superior service at the lowest possible prices.

We operate our guided tours in Athens, Santorini, Mykonos and Rhodes in Greece  and in the Turkey the port cities of Istanbul, Kusadasi, Izmir, Bodrum and Dikili. Additionally, we offer multi-day excursions that are completely flexible and cover any and all parts of both countries.

Our guided private tours emphasize intimacy and flexibility and a resultant higher quality of tour comprehension and enjoyment. Our specialty is offering tours that combine expert historical, archaeological and architectural knowledge with a local perspective. NOTE:  In our private tours and shore excursions, we never combine unconnected parties together nor do we make stops at unrequested locations in efforts to gain commission from merchants.

In Athens, Santorini, and Rhodes we also have added a number of public tours that allow our guests to be put in with others at a significantly lower price.

Our founders and partners have experience in the travel/hotel/tourism industry for over eight decades. We know that reliability, timeliness, professionalism and personalized service are the key items for our clients.

We are confident that Archaeologous is your answer if you are looking for an intimate private tour, combined with local hospitality and knowledgeable Greek and Turkish experts of history, archaeology, architecture and religion....without having to spend a fortune. Our affordable rates are available to both cruise ship passengers and independent travelers. Please contact us using the availability/booking forms on the tour of your choice or e-mail us at:

We are proud to announce that our guides, in Turkey, speak collectively 11 languages:

English, Russian, Mandarin, Spanish, Italian, Japanese, Turkish, French, Portuguese, German and Greek.

We know you cruise from every part of the world to visit our legendary Turkish cities of antiquity . We are proud of every single one of our guides and are confident that they will share these treasures with you. You will be delighted with the gentle manner of the Turkish people and the expertise of our knowledgeable guides.

With pride we introduce a “sample” of some of our highly experienced, educated and caring professional guide staff.

Kusadasi–Izmir—Istanbul and Dikili Areas:

Nilgun Sirin

Nilgun Sirin

is a native of Izmir born in l950. You can imagine growing up in a hometown that is located in the middle some of the most important ancient antiquities in the world. Her interest with archeology started at a very young age. She is a graduate from the American Collegiate Institute and started guiding historical tours at the age of sixteen. She has been a professional guide for the last 40 years.

Vitali Bega

Mr. Vitali Bega

is another local from Izmir born in l981. After finishing French high school, he continued in the School of Economics in Anatolian University for his University diploma. He’s been working as a professional tour guide since 2002 leading his tours in English and French.

Gokhan Baydur

Gokhan Baydur

has lived most of his life in the Aegean Region and graduated from the Anadoulu University, majoring in Public administrations. He had always wanted to promote his lovely country to visitors, so he started specializing in guiding/ leading and lecturing to groups about the Seven Churches-On the Steps of St. Paul, Jewish Heritage, and Helenistic/Roman/Byzantine and Ottoman Cultures.

Cigdem Calap

Ms. Cigdem Calap

is an Interpreter-Translator-Professional Tour Guide. Born in l971 in Istanbul, she has studied and completed the School of Economics, Dramaturgy and Theater Criticism in Istanbul. She has experience with international companies in the field of finance and marketing. She acts as both interpreter and professional guide.

Volkan Yazici

Mr. Volkan Yazici

was born in Milas (ancient Mylasa). At age of eleven, he took second place in a chess championship in Turkey. His interest in history and philosophy, which started as a hobby, started growing in the high school years. He actually majored in physics in the Technical University of Istanbul. He then received his Professional Guidance license and during his experience of 11 years so far in tourism, he has had the honor of welcoming and touring international celebrities and special interest groups.

Reyan Tuvi

Ms. Reyan Tuvi

was born in Izmir in l967. Her degree in English and Literature has led her to work in the media as a travel writer for many years and she is the author of three guide books on Turkey. She has been an expert guide for over 20 years.

Asil Tuncer

Mr. Asil Tuncer

was born in 1966 and majored in School of Tourism. He received his Masters degree in History. He works full time as a professional guide since graduating from the University in Izmir. He is very experienced and has led groups to Syria, Jordan, Greece, Macedonia, and all the ancient sites in Turkey. His enthusiasm and energy is a plus and blends well with his experience and knowledge.

Ayse Karatas

Ms. Ayse Karatas

was born in 1981. She has been working as a free licensed guide since receiving her university degree as a professional guide from the School of Tourism of Balikesir University. She is another one of our enthusiastic guides with an eagerness of sharing the magnificent culture and history of her country.

Mr. Baris Taspinar

was born in Turkey in l977. He’s fluent in Spanish and English and a graduate from the English department of Hacettepe University, majoring in interpretation and translation. He‘s a real world traveler having traveled extensively in South America, Cuba, and South Asia.

Important highlights of what Archaeologous has to offer:

  • In Turkey, we are in partnership with Legendary Journeys, a fully licensed travel agency, is a member of Tursab, and whose license number is #4781.
  • In Athens, we are in partnership with Ivis Travel, a fully licensed travel agency, is a member of Hatta since 1997, registration # 781, and whose license number is MHTE 0206E61000232400.
  • In Rhodes, we are in partnership with Wata-Trition DMC S.A., a fully licensed travel agency, is a member of Hatta since 1973, registration # 62, and whose license number is 1143E61000044000.
  • In Santorini, we are in partnership with Kafieris Tours, a fully licensed Tourist Transportation Company, whose license number is 20704022008.
  • Expertise with cruise ship passengers: We are aware of cruise ship passengers’ time schedules. Whether you have 4, 5, 6, or 8 hours or an extended stay, we can accommodate any special requests, including honeymoons, family reunions, college and church groups V.I.P. as well as individual itineraries.
  • A range of day tour excursion destinations: In the countries of Greece and Turkey we service the ports of Athens, Rhodes, Santorini, Kusadasi, Izmir, Istanbul, Bodrum and Dikili. If you have additional days ask us about Pamukkale, Cappadocia, Aphrodisias, Troy, Pergamon, Peloponnesus, Mykonos, etc. It’s all possible with Archaeologous.
  • Small personal groups: We specialize in smaller tour groups so individuals can ask more questions and there is more individual dialogue with our guides. We also make sure that our tours give you enough time for photos and just to reflect and enjoy the surroundings.
  • Multi-language support: In Greece and Turkey, we work with a group of highly educated and professional guides who collectively speak fourteen popular languages.
  • Professional tour guides: Our tour guides in Turkey and in Greece are all experts in the fields of history and archaeology (some of them PhD’s) and have extensive experience giving tours in each of our destination areas. You won’t find any better tour guides in these areas – our guides and partners are the backbone of our business.
  • Personal representative for each customer: We are committed to providing you with a “personal representative” from the start of your website experience until the end of your tour.
  • Safe and comfortable group transport: The vehicles we use are all new models complete with full and working A/C, especially important for the summer months!

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