Terms and Conditions of Tours by Archaeologous


Please read the following information which will assist you in your reservations with us. Tours cannot be reserved unless you agree with the terms and conditions found below. These terms and conditions serve as an explanation of the use of this website as well the methodology of how the reservations are handled from inception to completion.

CLIENT INFORMATION SENT THROUGH OUR WEBSITE will not be held responsible for any wrong information or omissions submitted by the reserved party. We assume no responsibility for incorrect dates, times, e-mail addresses, or any other inaccurate information provided to us by the reserving party. Excursions are reserved “as is” on the date and times requested by the users of our website. Replies or confirmations not received are generally due to incorrect e-mail addresses placed on our Reservation Forms by the purchaser and we accept no liability in these cases.

“Information” reservation requests and “confirmed” reservation requests sent to us contain important information regarding your arrival into port. Dates and details sent to us by clients are double checked for accuracy. However, we accept no responsibility for errors submitted as it is difficult to guarantee that we will catch all form-submitted mistakes. In the case of cruise ship excursions, all ships have different arrival/departure times and the volume of vessels is substantial. Thus, it is imperative that clients submit accurate arrival information. We then proceed to coordinate the correct tour(s) with the allotted time in port.

In case of not receiving a response from us, please return to our website and re-submit your request by using the ’submit button’. Be certain to submit an accurate e-mail address as well as checking your ‘junk mail’ folder. E-mail browsers are not always foolproof and can incorrectly block legitimate communication.


Archaeologous will not be held responsible for injuries, death, loss of personal belongings, or late arrival of the client to the reserved excursions. Rule of thumb: do not bring with you more than you can easily carry. Please leave as much as possible on the ship or at your hotel. In the rare instances that a ship is late, we will be aware of this fact and will be awaiting your arrival at the prescribed location. All directions for your specific meeting place/times/itinerary/balance owed, etc. will be found in your confirmation e-mail letter which you will receive within two business days after making your deposit to confirm your date and tour. Please make certain that you read this information prior to your excursion date in order to assist you with the planning and expectations of your tour. You will be expected to PRINT and BRING this confirmation letter with you the day of your tour. Your guide and/or driver will have a copy as well for ID purposes. Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.


Excursion ‘information-availability request forms’ sent from website users to do not constitute a ‘confirmed/booked’ reservation. We will e-mail an availability report following an availability request to the e-mail address submitted by the requesting party. Presuming that there is availability for the requested number of persons and dates, you may click onto the ‘secure/encrypted’ link that is found on the ‘information-availability request form. This will take you to the actual reservation form for use in booking your tour.

Re-Cap—-Clients cannot reserve any excursions found on our service unless we first check availability. By requesting ‘availability’ you are not making a reservation. The ‘Information-Availability request form’ is found on our webpage. If the requested tour is available, additional information is sent to the client as well as a link to a secure page in order to place a confirmed reservation. This is where you will put down the 20% reservation deposit by credit card. The availability request is not a reservation. It is a method used in order to communicate as to the possibility of your making a confirmed reservation.


Availability is only given for the moment when a request is made. This in no way guarantees confirmation of the tour. Archaeologous is not to be held responsible if the tour time is no longer available when a credit card deposit is received. Thus, we suggest if you wish to take the tour that one book with your credit card immediately upon knowing that there is an availability. All reservations are made on the basis of ‘first come, first serve’. Once our resources are fully exhausted, there is nothing we can do to accommodate the request. All excursions eventually sell out. We do not know when, but, we do know they will.


Once a credit card is received for an excursion, the deposits will be automatically processed to reserve and guarantee the requested excursion. Confirmation by e-mail will be sent to the purchaser within two (2) business days.

These confirmations will state the type of tour reserved, number of passengers, deposit made to secure the tour, monies due to operator at time of tour, detailed directions for pickup, emergency phone numbers and any other relevant information. These confirmations must be printed/copied, as is, and presented to the tour operator at the time of tour.

E-mail reservations not received by client may be due to incorrect e-mail address placed on the reservation form by the purchaser or your e-mail server blocking our e-mail response. If you do not receive your confirmation notice, please e-mail our website at your earliest convenience in order for us to rectify this matter.


Cancellations are honored two weeks prior to your reserved excursion. Deposits are non-refundable, however, unless one’s ship misses port, or the tour operator cancels due to unforeseen circumstances. Cancellations with two weeks or more notice must be submitted in writing by replying to the ‘original email confirmation’ sent to the reserved persons e-mail address.

If cancellation notice is not received two weeks or more prior to the reserved excursion date, the full charge for the tour will be charged on the purchasers same credit card after the tour date. ‘No shows’ for the reserved tour will be charged for the full amount of the excursion. Travel arrangements, vehicles, guides and drivers all still have to be paid as their day has been reserved.

Cancellations due to illness at time of excursion require a certified medical certificate from the ship’s doctor or from a licensed physician in the city in which you are staying. This can be faxed to our central office (country code) (30) 22750 41057.


Tentative reservations are not accepted by our company. Deposits are not refunded due to client cancellations. It is understandable that a small number of passengers may have a change of plans and perhaps alter their tour dates and paths. These deposits are kept on ‘credit file’, to be used within a period of one (1) year from the deposit date at any of our serviced ports and cities for a future reservation deposit. If one is not certain about a reservation, please do not submit the reservation. Please understand that all excursion dates sell out and may not be available at future times.

We do not overbook excursions. Once reservations are confirmed, transportation and other services are reserved for each individual reservation. This reservation process has inherent cost. Faxes, telephone calls, booking of guides, vehicles, drivers, staff involvement, etc. all are part of the reservation process. A good portion of the deposit is spent on the organization of the subsequent tour. All of the reservations that are confirmed include scheduled available vehicles other than for walking tours, drivers, and/or guides and thus prevent others who might also want service on the same date.


Deposits and all payments are fully refunded, minus bank charges, due to ships not calling port for any reason, or due to tour operator’s cancellation for unforeseen circumstances. Deposits are non-refundable except for these two reasons. For refunds: contact us using the ‘original confirmation reservation e-mail letter received for stated tour. Refunds will not be issued without a reply using this ‘original’ confirmation reservation e-mail. Additionally, the credit card used for the reserved excursion deposit must be valid at the time of a refund. We are unable to make a refund to a different credit card due to banking regulations.

If a cruise ship cancels their own organized excursion, this does not reflect, in any manner, that our tours are also cancelled. Please, call the number provided in your reservation e-mail in order to confirm your status if you have any concerns due to such a matter. Otherwise, make your way to the designated meeting place as originally planned. Refunds will not be honored for absenteeism as mentioned above.

Thank you for choosing Archaeologous for your vacation tours while in the Mediterranean. We are honored for your business and look forward to making your experience in Greece and/or Turkey a lifetime memory for you and yours.