Frequently Asked Questions
and the helpful answers

How do I book a tour?

To book a tour with Archaeologous is very simple.

  • Choose/Click on your Port of arrival.
  • Fill in the request/availability form…(day of arrival, size of your personal group, etc).
  • Choose /Click your tour of interest from the presented tours available in your port.
  • On this page, you’ll see the prices for your chosen tour depending on your group size, plus the itinerary (and by clicking on each itinerary item, you will see the entrance fees and more detailed info.on the chosen itinerary location).
  • Read the notices.
  • Write your Request/Reservation name and email address and hit submit.

You will receive an availability reply within 24 hours and answers to your questions if asked. This availability letter to you will have the link to pay your deposit if you wish to have us arrange your tour. And then your confirmation letter is sent out promptly.

Fun for whole family?

Absolutely, whether it’s pretending to be Indiana Jones in the underground Basilica Cistern in Istanbul, , climbing to the top of the Acropolis, wake boarding in Mykonos, taking an hot air balloon ride in Cappadocia or taking a boat ride on the Bosphorus, experiencing a Turkish Bath, swimming with the Dolphins, or stepping back 3500 years in Santorini's excavations, Greece and Turkey tours with Archaeologous are truly exciting for all.

Are your vehicles new? Air Conditioned?

Yes, please see the photos on the “About Archaeologous” page.  They are state of the art, well kept and fully Air Conditioned.

How do we reach you if there is an emergency when we dock?

You will have a local  emergency number at the bottom of your confirmation letter.  Also, the port police are very helpful to travelers. As well, if something comes up before you dock you may send us a emergency email at

Do you have wheelchair access?

Yes, our vehicles have room for a collapsible wheelchair. Due to the ancient rocky paths in many of the towns, it would restrict using a wheelchair.

Do you have experience with elderly, slower people?

Yes, we’ve been sharing our country with masses of people over the years, and we are patient and considerate with the slower and more elderly.  That also is the reason we excel as a tour company in that we cater to “private” groups and their particular desires and needs. So just keep communicating your feelings and wishes to your personal guide.

What if we want to go slower or change order?

Perfect example of why our “private” tours work so well. You may go at “your” own desired speed, spending a longer time at one place and a shorter time at another if desired.  Your private guide is there for just that, your satisfaction.

Will we get back to ship on time?

We pride ourselves on dependability. We have decades of experience, a set itinerary, know the conditions, and give ourselves plenty of leeway to make sure you are back on board in ample time and able to reflect on your wonderful experience in Turkey and/or Greece.

Can you pick us up at hotel and drop off at ship? (or vice versa?)

Yes, we do this for many of our clients that are coming in a day or two in advance of their cruise. We also have airport pickup and drop off as well. So no problem with either scenario. Our pleasure.

Do the drivers speak English?

Some of the drivers speak more English than others. Remember they are 'not' licensed guides. They are dependable drivers and will be reliably waiting for you at each venue. As drivers they are not allowed into the tourist locations. However, if you have booked a 'guided' tour with us, your guide will speak perfect English. Also, you may request a guide in 10 other languages. 

Are the guides with us the whole time?

Yes, from the moment they pick you up at the port (or hotel) until it’s time to drop you back off.  If you do want some alone time to ponder, have lunch, or take family photos, naturally; just express your wishes and the guide will accommodate you.

How much do we tip?

As much as you would like.  Generally, it is similar to the U.S. and Europe.  All tips are greatly appreciated by the guides who really try to make your day special in the sharing of  “their” country and its history.

How does the "price per person" box work?

In order to ascertain the cost per person for your request, adjust bar to your particular group size by sliding the small blue box from left to right.

By doing this, the cost per person will automatically be shown at top of pale blue box. Be certain to designate whether the tour includes a guide. In most cases, a guide is required by law.

Is cost per person or for group?

Our inexpensive prices are for the whole group, depending on the size of your private group,  ie: if there are 1-4 persons in the group, it is one price (dependent on the size of vehicle for that amount of people).  A larger group needs a larger vehicle and would be a different 'group' price.etc.

Do you have “secure site” for my deposit?

Yes, we use Pay Pal which is used by the Fortune 500 companies with confidence and also, we have an authenticity certificate for our “secure” site.

What about refunds?

As in your terms and conditions, you will be issued a refund of your deposit if the ship does not dock.   If, for any unforeseen reason your vehicle, guide, or driver has a problem, we will try to rectify it.  If you are not satisfied, then, a refund of your deposit will be credited back to the “same” credit card with which you made the reservation.