Shared Tours from Athens

Athens to Argolis (Mycenae-Epidaurus-Nafplion Tour)

1 day Shared Preset tour

This outstanding shared guided tour from Athens to a UNESCO World Heritage site, Mycenae, Epidaurus, and Napflion is an historic day of being in the land of Homer's Golden Mycenae. Enjoy the engineering marvel, the Corinth Canal, acoustically perfect Epidaurus Theatre, the Cyclopean Walls, Royal Tombs and more.

Delphi & Meteora - Guided Public Tour

2 days Shared Preset tour

On this public/shared 2 day guided tour from Athens one experiences a magnificent way to see two of the most treasured locations in Greece, Delphi, 'the Navel of the Earth' , plus, Meteora, and it's architectural engineering masterpiece monasteries/ These are two of the most awe inspiring places on the planet.

3 Day Classical Tour of Greece

3 days Shared Preset tour

The first day of this guided 'shared' three day trip includes the Corinth Canal, Epidaurus, a UNESCO World Heritage site, and Argolis, land of Homer's Golden Mycenae. Overnight stay in Olympia. The second day explores the Olympia Archaeological Site with the Temple of Zeus, Olympia Archaeological Museum, Olympic flame and stadium. Over night stay in Delphi. The third day visits the treasure filled Delphi Museum and Delphi Archaeological Site which was known as the Navel of the World.

Four Day shared guided tour-Delphi-Olympia-Meteora-Mycenae

4 days Shared Preset tour

Experience vast knowledge from a licensed guide on this 'four' day- 'five' UNESCO World Heritage sites in the comfort of a deluxe A/C coach. This shared tour originates in Athens and offers a grand education of Greece and it's rich exciting history. Price includes hotel, breakfast & dinner buffets, English speaking guide and driver, all entrance fees, transportation/taxes. Enjoy the: *Corinth Canal *Mycenae Archaeological Site *Ancient Epidaurus Theatre *Olympia Archaeological Site and Museum *Delphi Archaeological Site and Museum *Meteora Clifftop Monasteries

Athens Night Time Tour

4hr Shared Preset tour

Athens night time shared tour is unique lovely way to see Athens by night. See the Athenian architectural 'highlights' driving by: The Temple of Olympian Zeus, Hadrian's Arch, Parliament Building, and Olympic Stadium. Your 'leader' will have you walk around the slopes of the sacred hill of the 'illuminated' Acropolis. Following,you will walk the narrow picturesque cobbled stone streets of the bustling Plaka where your fabulous Mediterranean dinner and Greek traditional floor show awaits.

Cape Sounion Shared Guided 4 Hour Afternoon shore excursionTour

4hr Shared Preset tour

This popular shared-public 4 hour tour booked with Archaeologous is conducted in an A/C vehicle traveling along the Saronic Gulf coast and passes by some of the most beautiful towns of Athens. The guiding landmark for over 2,500 years, The Cape Sounion Temple of Poseidon, was built in the 5th century BCE. It appears to rise out of the sea. From this viewpoint you can see many Aegean islands.

ANCIENT CORINTH-Half Day Shared Tour

4hr Shared Preset tour

Take the Athens to Corinth shared tour for a brilliant glimpse into history. Visit the engineering marvel, the Corinth Canal as well as the ancient town of Corinth where St Paul lived and preached. The tour also includes the ancient Corinth Agora, Apollo Temple (6th century BC) and more. Return to Athens in time for lunch.

Athens Shared Half Day Sightseeing Guided City Tour

4hr Shared Preset tour

This shared/public sightseeing shore excursion tour of Athens highlights offers a newcomer to Athens a proper 'guided' introduction of the historic city. Experience the 'crown jewel of Athens', the Acropolis with the Parthenon, Caryatids, Temple of Athena Nike and the Propylae. Your licensed guide will be a great source of information at the Acropolis Museum and the many ancient and modern architectural wonders you will see today.

Full Day Shared Athens Cape Sounion Guided Sightseeing Tour

7hr Shared Preset tour

This full day guided 'public/shared' tour is very popular for those new to Athens. The tour includes the modern and ancient architectural wonders of Athens, the Acropolis Museum, the Acropolis, Cape Sounion and the Temple of Poseidon. Just relax and let the licensed guide and dependable driver share magnificent Athens with the group.

Athens To Delphi Shared Guided Day Tour

7hr Shared Preset tour

Join a group for this shared guided Athens to Delphi tour. Enjoy the Greek landscape as you travel in A/C comfort. See the sacred Delphi sanctuary, the ancient 'navel of the earth' and treasure packed Delphi Museum, Mt. Parnassus, Levadia and Arachova towns. Lunch and guide included.

Athens Day Cruise to 3 Greek Islands

8hr Shared Preset tour

Want to see the most of Greece in one day? Take the Athens Day Cruise to 3 Islands. Your shared guided cruise takes you to Poros, Hydra and Aegina. You'll step back 2000+ years, have a Mediterranean feast, shop, visit a Temple, see donkeys in a place with no cars, eat pistaccio ice cream... Great day!