Lindos Acropolis

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Ages Price
0 - 18 Free
19 - Adult €12

 Lindos Acropolis was the center piece of Rhodes in Classical times and was the showcase for a massive structure called the Temple of Athena Lindia.  Over time, more structures were added that surrounded the temple.  By the time that the medieval times arrived, these impressive buildings were beginning to need repair.

Fortunately, the Knights of St. John constructed a fortress over and around the Acropolis in the 14th century in an effort to defend against attacking Ottoman military. It was fortified numerous times prior to this and subsequently as well when the Ottoman Empire assumed control.  Due to this, archaeological excavation and chronicling has proved somewhat elusive. Nevertheless, it has always been extremely impressive due not only to its size but also to its location which rests on a plateau above the beautiful village of Lindos.

Many important monuments and remains can be viewed when visiting the Acropolis.  A few of these include the Theatre which was carved out of the side of a hill, the Boukopion, which was a place set aside for sacrifices, numerous tombs, monuments, and cemeteries as well as many churches. The view from the Acropolis is astounding, to say the least, as one has a 360 degree vantage point from which the Lindos village, the Blue Flag beach, the sea, and mountains can all be seen simultaneously.