Lindos Acropolis

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Ages Price
0 - 18 Free
19 - Adult €12

 On your cruise ship shore excursion, see the 'showcase' for 'classical times', The Acropolis of Lindos on Rhodes island in Greece. The famed Temple of Athens, the Theatre which was carved out of the side of a hill, the Boukopion, which was a place set aside for sacrifices, numerous tombs, monuments, and cemeteries as well as many churches. The view from the Acropolis is astounding, to say the least, as one has a 360 degree vantage point seeing medieval Lindos village below, the Blue Flag beach, the Agean sea and other Greek islands, and mountains.

Of course over time, the Knights of St John  constructed a fortress for protection in the 14th century. It has a history of being fortified numerous times prior and after this as well.   

When the Ottoman Empire assumed control building continued. All of this makes it a treasure hunt for archaeological excavation and chronicaling which has proved somewhat elusive. You will be impressed by it's massive size, and it's location with it's views from the sheer 115 meters above the sea. The beautiful medieval village of Lindos lays like a necklace around the hill mound of the Acropollis with it's charming 15th-16th century white houses with white pebble designs everywhere. As we leave, you will get a short visit to the 15th century medieval church dedicated to the Virgin Mary. (guide not allowed inside)