Hali Carpet Village (lunch included)

Entry fees

Ages Price
0 - Adult €15

You're going to learn alot at this popular acitivity spot on your private guided Kusadasi tour by Archaeologous. Traditionally, Turkish carpets go through many hands from the original weaving process before it arrives in the storefront where they are displayed for "retail" sale to the general public and you waste much money.

By eliminating the five or six “middleman cuts”, Archaeologous has arranged with Hali Village (which produces the carpets on site from cocoon to one-of-a-kind double knotted carpets) to put the buyer in direct contact with the weavers themselves. This enables the carpets to be sold for 30% to 60% less than at any other carpet outlets. Plus, the weavers receive more money for their labors. It’s a win-win situation.

This weaving center project has more than six thousand carpets ranging from custom designs to collectors pieces from which to choose.

The raw material that goes into the carpeting at Hali Village is of impeccable quality. The Center creates its own silk from the highest rated cocoons found only in western Turkey. Additionally, only custom made dyes are used for the coloring. These practices are just some of the procedures that separate the Hali Village carpets from those found elsewhere.

Located just minutes from the famed “must see” Ephesus Archaeological Site, Hali Village also serves delicious lunch,. The food and wine are all organically grown on the premises and served in a lush, shaded, outdoor setting that is difficult to match.

One can then stroll through the Center and see for oneself the actual weaving process, the results of this process, and purchase a carpet or kilim at a fraction of the normal retail price. You benefit, as well as the weavers who have spun this Turkish magic.

Note: To receive these lowest prices, be certain to show your confirmation letter from Archaeologous upon arrival at Hali Village. Finally be sure to request your carpet to be shipped home "free of charge".