Gumusluk Village

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On this private guided shore excursion-tour, visit the charming fishing village of Gumusluk. A favorite vacation activity for visitors to Bodrum and Kusadasi.This little village is a quick 25 km drive from Bodrum. You'll enjoy the views of nearby Gumusluk bay just 1 km away. 

The Bay, are split into the Beach and Harbour sides by an “underwater causeway” over to Rabbit Island. There are many charming fish restaurants filled with locals as well as foreigners and at sunset time, chairs and tables are put out to watch the  priceless sunset views of Rabbit Island making it a great end to a wonderful vacation day.

Three kilometers away was the ancient city of Myndos dating back to the 5th century BC.  There are still remains of the 9’ wide wall (which was 3.5 km long and can still be followed for its whole length). and the famed big gates of Myndos. And for you history buffs, the town defended itself against Alexander the Great and Myndos sheltered the fleet of Cassius following the murdering of Julius Caesar and was punished by Mark Anthony.