Delphi-Athenian Stoa

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One very interesting place you'll see on your shared guided day tour of Delphi is the 'Stoa of the Athenians'. (A Stoa is a public building surrounded by exterior columns utilized for business transactions and processions honoring a hero and/or victorious athlete). 

The Stoa of the Athenians was different from all the others as each column was constructed of a 'single block of marble', unlike the traditional method of layering separate chiseled drums to make a column.

It is located to the immediate south east of the Temple of Apollo. The rear wall was approx 90' and was used for displaying war memorials and spoils gained from defeating the Persians in the 480 BC war and was meant to be a monument to the glory of Athens.

Look for the inscriptions recording the Athenians dedications of the building, and ships prows that were taken from the Persian army.