Galata Tower

Entry fees

Ages Price
0 - 5 Free
6 - Adult €30

Let Archaeologous take care of your private guided tour of Istanbul. One 'must see' is the Galata Tower whichis a medieval stone tower and is one of the city's most striking landmarks. It's a 70 meter tall, cone-capped cylinder with 3.75 meter thick walls that dominated the Istanbul skyline. 

You will immersed in the beauty of Istanbul and you take advantage of the 360 degree panoramic view of Old Istanbul and it's environs. One major plus is to get there early, even better on a Sunday morning

There is a very Bohemian area with music, food, art and boutique clothing shops as there is a restaurant and café on the top floors as well as a night club and are accessible by elevator.

Note: cash payment only is required for the elevator.