Delos Archaeological sacred site

Entry fees

Ages Price
0 - 17 Free
18 - Adult €12


  • Groups of maximum 35 people
  • No wheelchair access

Delos Archaeological Site 

Delos 'sacred' island is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and sanctuary that is visited by pilgrims, cruise ship passengers and tourists from the world over. Delos has always been considered to be one of the holiest of sanctuaries and if you look on a map you will see it is actually the 'fixed point' around which the other Cycladic islands circle.   

The entire landscape is filled with the ancient ruins dating back to 4,000 BC.  By walking through and around the temples, residential areas, Temple of Apollo, agoras and more, you will feel the historical importance of this very special island. 

The art treasures found here have amazed archaeologists from the world over and the site is still being continually excavated even though the first dig began in 1872.

With your personal licensed guide sharing the history, you will understand how rich and extensive this Mediterranean cosmopolitan religious-financial hub was in ancient days.

FYI: There is absolutely no shade on this white marble island covered with shining monuments. So, remember to bring your hat, dark glasses, sunscreen, water, and comfortable walking shoes.