Delos Museum

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The Delos Museum is a small but brilliant museum filled with the many artifacts and treasure from the Delos Excavation site, which is the whole island of Delos.  There is an extensive collections of detailed statues from the surrounding area, which has been declared a UNESCO WORLD HERITAGE SITE. However, not all the finds are here. Many masterpieces from Greece, are presented in many other museums like the National Archaeological Museum of Athens, Berlin, and London National Museums.

The Archaeological Museum of Delos was built way back in the year 1904 and has grown from five rooms to nine rooms at present time.  Bathroom facilities are present. Here you will see many of the excavated treasures from Delos. Note: Some may find it a little warm inside but appreciate the shade.

It's divided up to where six rooms are exclusively for rare historical statues are kept.Two other rooms display the pottery collection dating back to 2,500 BC. And if you are interested in 'how' they lived, then there is a room dedicated to presenting the daily objects used by these amazing people.

You will witness rare plaques, funeral monuments (stele) and artifacts made of ivory, gold and bronze. Your guide will show you little things you might miss by yourself. Like the inscription from 138 B.C. of Kleopatra and husband from Athens.

Of course there will be a marble statue of the Apollo, (2nd century B.C.) thought to be a miniature version of the Apollo statue of the other oracle sacred place, Delphi. There is plenty to look at if you are interested in history.

FYI: You 'are' allowed to take photos but not of "you" and the statues. Thank you.

FYI: From October to March The Archaeological Museum of Delos is open from 8.30 – 15.00 hours from Tuesday to Sunday. On Mondays the museum is closed. There is a small entry fee but concessions are available for students from non EU countries and citizens of EU countries who are 65 years old and above.