Chora- Mykonos Town

Entry fees

Ages Price
0 - Adult €4

Bravo, on your Archaeologous private shore excursion, you are going to visit the truly typical Cycladic whitewashed village of Mykonos Town-Chora. Locals (and you) can just call it 'Chora' or the 'Town'

You'll choose which museum you would like to visit. The entrance is 4 Euros at 'either' the Maritime museum or the Archaeological Museum. 

What to do in Mykonos Town? You will find many cafes, chic Int'l boutiques of the most famous designers in the world, clubs, many souvenir shops, fine jewelry stores,+++.  You get it, Mykonos has everything a shopper would find intriguing.

What to see in Mykonos Town? Definitely your licensed guide will take you to the trademark of Mykonos: the Mykonos iconic windmills--have your cameras ready-- Enjoy the panoramic view of the gorgeous seaside peninsula, Little Venice with it's dramatic colorful porches and balconies on the two story Venetian houses lining the seafront, the Panagia Paraportiani, which is a beautiful Cycladic national cultural monument, seaside cafes, the 'mascot' of Mykonos, Petros II,  the Pelican, usually found in this Little Venice area. 

FYI: Archaeological Museum: 4 Euros per person

FYI: Maritime Museum: 4 Euros per person

FYI: Folkore Museum: No Charge