Nemea Area Wine Experience

Entry fees

Ages Price
0 - 17 Free
18 - Adult €11


  • Groups of maximum 46 people

On this shared public tour of the Corinth and Nemea wine producing area you'll be stepping back in to a place that has a recorded history of wine production of grapes and wine from 2000 BC. 

You might subconciously know of Nemea. It is said, in ancient Greek myths, that, Hercules killed the Nemean Lion. Plus, the famed Nemean Games (similar and at the same time as the Olympics) have been documented to have started there in 573 BC. 

This classical Greek Nemea wine region, with it's  3,000 hectare is considered Greece's most important red-wine site of production. It is surrounded by mountains and valleys ranging in altitude from 800 to 2,600 ft  (250-800 m) above sea level where wines have been produced from the native Agiorgitiko grape. It's the three zones, of flat land, hillier land and more mountainous area that give the fantastic variation in the wines of this Nemea area. 

FYI:  Average prices, if you are interested in purchasing a souvenir bottle to take home, usually runs between 9 to 37 Euros. Be sure to have your host explain the difference between the high altitudes grapes that slow the production of sugar and helps with the retention of acidity vs.the lower lying areas with higher temperatures which lead to sweeter grapes (dessert wines).

 **Entrance fees vary from winery to winery.