Istanbul Museum of Modern Art

Entry fees

Ages Price
0 - 11 Free
12 - Adult €8

Tired of historic Turkish ruins? Try modern that is, the Istanbul Museum of Modern Art (Istanbul Modern). It  has a permanent collection, temporary exhibitions, a photo gallery, library, cinema, and rooms for video and educational programs. The Istanbul Modern is fantastic if you like modern art inspired by a culture as diverse as any on the planet.  It is built on a surface totaling about 8,000 square meters. Having once been a huge warehouse from the 1950’s, the “Istanbul Modern” couldn’t have a better location as it is directly on the famed Bosphorus River. The piers near these remodeled warehouses served as Istanbul’s main harbor up until 1990 and where even today large passenger ships still dock so some cruisers choose to make the Istanbul Modern their  first stop on their list of places to see.

The cutting edge gallery, Istanbul Modern, is the first private museum totally devoted to modern and contemporary art in Turkey.

Another bonus is the superb café/restaurant with its all-encompassing view across the Bosphorus. You’ll bee able to view the Old City, Golden Horn, Topkapi Palace, Blue Mosque, Hagia Sophia and lots of minuets on the various structures that makes Istanbul so unique.