Ancient Olympic Panathenaikon Stadium

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The Panathenaikon Stadium, also called Kallimarmaron, is near the heart of the city of Athens. It dates back to ancient times, when it was a venue hosting athletic events for the Panathenaic Games.

 Originally constructed primarily with wood, it was renovated in 329 BC, when pentelic marble from the mountains north of Athens was used to reconstruct the stadium. The name, Kallimarmaron, means "beautifully marbled". 

We still enjoy the pageantry and excitement associated with athletic competitions, and sports heroes serve as icons and role models in today's society. The modern Olympics continue to enjoy worldwide acclaim and popularity since their "re-birth" in 1896. We can look back at venues like Kallimarmaron and realize that maybe things haven't changed so much since ancient times. 

Athens is often called the birthplace of civilization, much in part due to the fact that modern society is so influenced from its past civil and social achievements. The Panathenaikon Stadium is just one of the many relics found in Athens that shows the greatness of past societies that have so shaped the world we live in today.