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The must see site, the Acropolis, known as the “crowning jewel” of Athens stands on a 250’ hill overlooking modern Athens. "Acro" means "high" and "polis" means "city" - so it is literally the "high city". Many other places in Greece have an acropolis, but "The Acropolis" usually refers to the site of the Parthenon.

 It was built almost 2,500 years ago, and stood fairly intact until the 1800’s. It is an architectural wonder. The famed temple of the Greek goddess Athena, the patron goddess of the ancient city of Athens, is one of the most photographed locations on the planet.

HISTORY: The Parthenon itself has a long and interesting history. Construction on the temple was begun in 447 BC and it remained intact until the 1800's when it was bombed leaving it as it is today. The stone came from Mount Pantelakos, about 10 miles from Athens. The most impressive piece of the temple was a huge 40' tall statue of the Goddess Athena designed by the famous sculptor Phidias. Her skin was made out of elephant ivory and her clothing of beaten gold. This was the glory of the site among the many treasures that were displayed there. One common measurement of the Parthenon is 111 feet by 228 feet, or 30.9 meters by 69.5 meters.