Athens National Archaeological Museum

Entry fees

Ages Price
0 - 18 Free
19 - Adult €12


  • Entry fee reductions may apply to students and 65+ seniors.

On your private guided Archaeologous day shore excursion-tour,  you will visit the National Archaeological Museum of Athens which is the largest archaeological museum in Greece! It is considered one of the greatest museums in the world and contains the richest collection of artifacts from Greek antiquity.

It was founded at the end of the 19th century to house and protect antiquities from all over Greece, thus displaying their historical, cultural and artistic value.  Camera buffs, good news…you may take photographs. NOTE: Do not use a flash camera please.

A recent refurbishment of the museum took more than 18 months to complete, during which the museum remained completely closed. It reopened in July 2004, in time for the Athens Olympics and it included both aesthetic and technical upgrades such as installation of a modern air-conditioning system, reorganization of the museum's collection and repair of the damage that the 1999 earthquake left in its wake.