Sounion Temple of Poseidon

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19 - Adult €10


  • Entry fee reductions may apply to students and 65+ seniors.

Cape Sounion is one of the most famous and picturesque places in Attica. The Temple of Poseidon at Cape Sounion is located 69 km southeast of Athens on the southernmost point of Attica peninsula. The temple ruins that you will be walking up to on the gentle pathway were built in 444 BC and actually stands on the site of an even older temple. 

History: The Temple of Poseidon was built on this dramatic point with its sheer cliffs and magnificent view of the Aegean Sea and islands as a perfect place to worship the powerful “God of the sea", Poseidon. In ancient times, mariners used the point for navigation seeing the brilliant white marble columns of the Temple of Poseidon and knowing they were close to home.

Though his famous statue is long gone, safely on sight at the National Archeological Museum in Athens, great Poseidon needs no bronze props to make his presence felt. 

 The Greeks have always had the tradition of watching the sea for the return of loved ones, for the safe delivery of goods, or for news of war. The Temple of Poseidon seems to still fulfill this role of watching and waiting from high atop the hillside overlooking the water.