Rhodes 5 hour afternoon Butterfly Valley-Kamiros-Filerimos Tour

Private tour

  We then begin the afternoon 5 hour privateguided tour of Rhodes' Filerimos, Butterfly Valley, and Ancient Kamiros by being met at the "gangplank" of the ship by your licensed guide and dependable chaffeur/driver. Following is a comfortable ride in your A/C deluxe vehicle to the the Sanctuary of Filerimos. Watch for the peacocks roaming freely alng the cypress lined Calvary path to the Grand Cross.

This is followed by a refreshing visit to a true 'oasis', The Butterfly Valley. Here you'll be amongst wooden walkways, a waterfall, and hundreds of thousands of butterflies that visit this area in order to reproduce during the summer months.

The excursion is then topped off with a trip to Kamiros, one of the three ancient historic powerful city states of Rhodes, which reached it's apex approx 3,000 years ago! 

More details and information: The first stop is the Filerimos Sanctuary that was once the citadel of  three powerful city states.  You have many places to explore such as the Calvary path to the Grand Cross which  leads up to a 267 meter high hill. On the eastern side you will experience the upper part of the land where we'll see the  town of Ialysos and its ancient buildings, foundations and fountain which date back to the 4th century BC. 

Following is the Butterfly Valley, a magical 'oasis', where hundreds of thousands of butterflies have chosen to reproduce every June - Sept. You may walk on well kept wooden paths and explore this literally "enchanting" lush green forest/jungle and take part in the delightful waterfall/stream that meanders down from the area. Up the hill (an option) is the Monastery of the Virgin of Kalopetra  (built in 1784).  This allows you to be amongst the tree tops and feel the coolness from the abundance of waters. It is advisable to have lots of memory sticks, as you will be in a slice of paradise.

The last stop on your private shore excursion is the archaeological site of Kamiros,  occupied since prehistoric times. During its heyday, Kamiros minted it's own coins, and made masterpiece mosaics, statues and pottery.  It reached it's height of prosperity at the same time as Lindos and Ialyssos. Kamiros was built on a hill with an unfortified acropolis being at the highest point and where the Temple of Athena Polias stood. You will see the remains of the foundation today. Also, the stoa measured 600 feet in length and was fully lined with two rows of Doric columns.

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