Top 10 Reasons to visit Rhodes by Archaeologous

Distinguished and Protected: It's a UNESCO Site

Romance: with it's Medieval castle and city, what better way to propose, honeymoon, or explore history

Accommodations: whether it's on your Mediterranean cruise ship, or self catering studio or luxury villas, it's all here

Photography:  From the sunset through the 2,800 year old pillars at the Acropolis of Lindos, to the peacock's glorious colors at the Felerimos sanctuary

Beaching:  Glorious long sandy beaches... One is even famous for success with couples wanting to conceive a baby

Variety: Modern (cafes' restaurants, shops) old (Medieval Old Town) ancient (three- 2,800 year old city excavations)

Movies shot in Rhodes: -Guns of Navarrone with Gregory Peck and Anthony Quinn--Escape to Athena with Roger Moore, Telly Savalas and Claudia Cardinale--Peter & Paul with Anthony Hopkins and Eddie Albert --High Seas with Jacqueline Bisset and Kenneth Brananaugh, El Greco in 2007 and more

Safe and Clean:  Large groups of cleaners keep the streets and sidewalks (which  are decorated with white pebble) clean. The people take pride in the safety of the island.

Climate: Rhodes has the most sun in Greece so it's great for your family's vacation

Great Location: Flights daily and cruise ships most of the year to this world class desirable vacation location.

Mor helpful info: Greek islands book:  Helicopter from Santorini to Rhodes

Rhodes has it all for a great vacation... From beaches to 2,800 year old archaeological sites.