Greece wins Gold Medals for Samos Wines by Archaeologous

Who doesn't like a beautiful glass of wine with dinner? Read on if you do. Or, learn what to try when vacationing in Greece.  At the International competition, the Concours Mondial de Bruxelles, three wines from Samos, Greece were honored with Gold medals. 

Quite a feat, as over 9,150 different types of wine were entered! It was a wonderful event with more than three hundred oenologists (wine experts), sommeliers (expert at combining gastronomy choices with the perfect wine), journalist and gastronomists from around the world representing forty-six wine producing countries. 

If you would like to try these wines ask for the 'prime wines' of UWC Samos: Samos Anthemis 2013 and Samos Nectar 2012.

The UWC, (United Winemaking Cooperative), was formed in 1934 as a smart move to preserve the viticulture and protect the producers' income.  There are now 2200 producers as members serving as the wine ambassadors for Greece with exporting worldwide. 

Wines of Samos have received hundreds of awards in international competitions and fairs since their very first award in 1937. See how you like them. 

Award winning wines from Samos Greece
UWC of Samos Greece has award winning wines