Greece Beaches rank 2nd in the world... by Archaeologous

Who hasn't heard, seen or even dreamed about the amazing beaches and crystal clear waters of Greece?

Now, there is even more of a reason to come to Greece and experience it for yourselves. Greece was just ranked second out of 47 countries around the world with 515 of the most awarded beaches.  If you're curious, the 'best beach' and the best beaches in Greece are in the Chalkidiki area with 92 Blue Flags which signifies the pristine waters and beaches. 

An award of a Blue Flag rating means the beaches, marinas and facilities for the tourism maintain the highest standards for environmental quality. What IS a Blue Flag rating you might be wondering. Let me tell you that there are 29 things inspected and rated; from the sea water quality itself, to the bathrooms, comfort on the beach, the safety features and information for the tourist.  

If you want more information you can go to the Foundation for Environmental Education who is responsible for handling the program. 

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