Top 10 Fun facts about Greece

There's really 100's of fun facts about Greece, but here are a quick top 10 for you and the family.


**There are 2,000 Greek islands and only 227 are inhabited? 

**Winston Churchill said in 1941, " Greeks do not fight like heros, 'heros' fight like Greeks"?

**The first 'yoyo' 3,000 years ago originated in Greece?

** Eighty-five % of Greeks own their own homes-highest rate in Europe?

** The Statue of Liberty is the same height as was the Colossus of Rhodes, one of the Seven Wonders of the World?  

**The Acropolis of Lindos on Rhodes is the second most visited Acropolis after the Athens acropolis and is older and higher?

**The present day 'code of maritime/maritime law' was 1st drawn up by the people of Lindos, Rhodes

**Santorini is the #1 Honeymoon location on earth (survey by Travel mag 2011)

** The Corinth Canal is an engineering marvel that took a span of approx.  2,000 years to complete?

** That the actors can whisper on stage at the theatre in Epidaurus and be heard in the back row?

YoYo originated in Greece. 2nd oldest toy in world.