UPCOMING Turkish Events May 2011 by Archaeologous

**** May (annual) ---The Kurye International Video and digital Arts festivalAt the “Istanbul Modern,” the Kurye International Video and Digital Arts Festival celebrates digital innovation. Come see what the future will be and “is” with these new artists and , designers of new media and 3D animation masters. There will interesting screenings, and workshops in which to participate.

**** May 9 - 15 (annual)----International Amateur Theatre Festival                        The International Amateur Theatre Festival welcomes local, national and international companies to Denizli, in south-west Turkey. The long-running event begins with a parade featuring all…

**** May 14-18th (annual)---- The Marmaris Yacht Charter ShowCome out for the wine tasting events, chef competitions and plenty more at the Marmaris Yacht Charter Show. This annual event usually attracts brokers, sailors and agents.

**** May 14 - 15 (annual) Istanbul Rugby Sevens Attracting world-class players to Istanbul Atatürk Olympic Stadium, the Istanbul Rugby Sevens is an exciting tournament played on one single pitch. Divided into male and female categories, the…

**** May 19 (annual) The Youth and Sports Day Each and every May 19th, Turkey celebrates the historic arrival of Ataturk at Samsun. This day marked the beginning of the 1919 “War of Independence”. You will see athletes carrying the Turkish flag ashore at the Samsun harbor, childrens’ speeches, and history and pride is carried on.

**** May 22 (annual) The Chill Out Festival Twelve hours of non-stop music from jazz, hip- hop and Latin dance tunes will be played, heard and appreciated at the annual May 22 Chill Out Festival. Just go to the Kemer Golf & Country Club in Istanbul, the host of the Chill Out Festival.