Top 10 Turkish Souvenirs by Archaeologous

So you did take a holiday in Turkey. You did the Top 10 things to do in Turkey like seeing the Palace of Topkapi, took a Bosphorus cruise, went to both the Blue Mosque and the Hagia Sophia, and even got your husband to go to the Archaeological Museum. Maybe you took a private day tour on your vacation, or did a walking tour and sampled great Turkish cuisine and met some wonderful Turkish people. Now, you're leaving and you think..... what do I take back home as a souvenir? This list we put together for you should take away all stress and be of some help.

  1. 1. Evil Eye for good luck:  Grab some of these evil eyes to ward off bad luck-Nazar’. The belief is it redirects the bad energy away from you. Great Turkish souvenir for those you care about.

2. Kid leather goods: Since mutton and lamb are a mainstay in Turkish cuisine, take advantage of the abundance of jackets, skirts, dresses, gloves, hats made out of this known incredibly soft leather. Tip: Best to find a shop by yourself, instead of someone taking to a shop for a commission, try everything on as sizes vary and have your measurements with you if you are wanting a custom made piece of clothing.

3. CD's of Turkish music: This is definitely like having Turkey back home with you. Great souvenir.

4. Glass Lamps: You will see grand collections of hanging hand blown glass lamps. They come in every color combination and you can even have them custom made with your colors.

5. Boots: Most women love boots our office girls say.. so at the Grand Bazaar you can find the most individual hand embroidered boots.

6. Carpet and Kilims: Turkey's double knotted carpet (art) has been sought after and treasured for hundreds and hundreds of years. If in Kusadasi, go to Hali village, as their carpets are bought there and sold at a retail price in Istanbul.Go to one of the demos

7. Spices: Lets face it, Istanbul was on the Spice Route and is still the greatest trading center between Europe and the East. You will see mounds and mounds of spices at the Spice Market. So take some home for medicinal, additive , preservative purposes or for just the taste. This and some Turkish cuisine recipe and voila....Perfect souvenir.

8. Turkish Delight: What would a top 10 list be for Turkey souvenirs without Lokum, (later known as Turkish Delight)? Before the late 1700's with the arrival of refined sugar, the Locum-Turkish Delight was a mixture of grape syrup (or honey) and flour. Thanks to Haci Bekir, a confectioner, we have the smooth pistachio filled sweet that is a truly a Turkish delight. Look for lemon, coconut, walnut and rose as well.

9. Belly dancing costumes: You probably saw a floor show, maybe you want to do Belly dancing exercise when back home. splurge and play a little, with the jewelry, scarfs and outfits.

10. Pottery: A must buy is the unique and historic Turkish pottery art. The techniques have been practiced and the pottery collected for millennium. Definitely you will get compliments when back home.
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