WeeksTURKISH HEADLINES by Archaeologous

US Magazine selected Istanbul's 'Sabiha Gokcen Int'l Airport as one of the safest airports in the world.

Russian tourists are replacing  the number of German tourist in Turkey. Turkey’s Mediterranean tourism destinations are increasingly popular with Russian tourists, who are now traveling to Turkey in greater numbers than any other nationality. Many professional tour guides now speak Russian as well as many other languages. We have Russian speaking guides upon request at Archaeologous.

Turkish Nobel Laureate, Orhan Pamuk arrives in Bulgaria- on May 18th to receive an award and to be granted an honorary doctorate by the Bulgarian Minister of Culture. Also, Mr Pamuk is here to celebrate and kick off his newest book, "Other colors", published in Bulgaria.

Two key international bodies have warned Turkey... about its attempts to "control" the internet. The Turkish government has plans to introduce mandatory "content filtering' for all Turkish internet users. Masses of Turkish protestors went to the streets.

On May 19th Turkey marks the 92nd Anniversary of the.... start of  the in dependence struggle by Ataturk, the Turkish Republic founder. The day, event, and man are honored countrywide with students participating in athletic festivals. Ataturk believed that, " the youth is the guarantee of  Turkeys future".

Turkey to make bid for new seat o the UN Security Council.... for 2015-16 term citing, " ability to contribute global peace and security to a changing world". 

Istanbul Stock Exchange (ISE) Expects IPO... (initial public offerings) to approximately double in next year. Private Turkish airline, Pegasus, Ziroat Bank and conglomerate Dogus Holding are expected to offer an IPO.  There is reported large demand from foreign investors for the shares of  Emlak Konut, which is the country's largest REIT and largest company to hold an IPO in late 2010.

Turkish-Israel and fraying relations... A unique relationship of cooperation, growing trade tourism , military, and investment exchanges have been strong and strengthening the last 2 decades and  now is being undermined by an environment of disagreements. Turkey has been the bridge between western and Muslim worlds and now serious risks of losing all the past benefits are at hand.