10 Best Travel Tips: things to bring on vacation to Turkey

Maybe you have never vacationed in Turkey. Here are the 10 best travel tips of things to bring on vacation in Turkey. (Ideas from some of our Archaeologous clients).

*Scarves for the ladies: Either pack scarves for all the females traveling with you or wait until to get to Turkey to buy some beautiful silk Turkish scarves. You 'will' be wearing them in all the different mosques you visit like the Blue Mosque. It is required that the head and shoulders be covered out of respect.

*Packets of cream: In Turkey drinking Turkish tea and coffee is the 'pure' experience of the tea and coffee. So if you 'have' to have a little cream in your drinks, pack some little packets of cream. NOTE: There is a nice drink for tourists in general that is called apple tea that you might like if you are not into strong teas.

*Water proof shoes and a water proof bag for those shoes and wet bathing suit as you'll get lots of use in the Hamams, beaches, and hot springs.

*Bubble wrap... That way if you find a ceramic or some other breakable "Turkish treasures" you just have to have you can wrap it and it will make it home.

*Carry/pack quite a few little mini tissue packets to use as toilet paper. In some places in Turkey there might not be toilet paper. (Depends what kind of trip and where you end up)

* Bring extra memory cards and the correct electrical charge adapter to be able to recharge your camera. NOTE: an adapter that converts electricity from 220V o 110V is suggested. Two pin plugs are used throughout Turkey.

*Some people pack an extra 'empty' suitcase in their bigger suitcase for all the amazing Turkish souvenirs you will find in the Turkish bazaars. (In many cases, it's cheaper to pay for an extra suitcase than shipping items back).

*Visas: Go to: US Dept. of State's travel page on Turkey to find out everything about Visas 'before' you travel. Much easier that way.

*First aid kit: throw a few things that you can easily get in your home country and it will save you lots of vacation time by having things like band aids, peroxide, alkaseltzer, your type of aspirins, salve for bites and cuts.  Ask your family doctor or Google some suggestions. 

Mosquito incense: Don't know about you but if there is a mosquitoes within 20 miles of my husband, they will find him.

Out of respect for the Turkish culture, wear scarves in the mosques. Many styles to tie them.
Easier to have/bring your supplies from your home country.