Easier to visit 'Both' Greece & Turkey together says Archaeologous

Greece has a new 37 year old Tourism Minister, Oga Kefalogianni.One of her first priorities for Greece will be  making it easier to visit both Greece and Turkey as a package deal. She wants to ‘raise the level of cooperation with Turkey’ concerning these joint efforts of advertising  package deals to make it easier to vacation in both magnificent neighboring countries. Since tourists come from as far away as Japan and China for the history, the beaches, the crystal clear sea, and unique shopping, a package deal of vacationing in both Turkey and Greece seems to make the most sense for the vacationers as well as both countries.

Of course we, Archaeologous, are  glad to hear this as our specialty is and has been for years to service tourists/vacationers coming to Greece and Turkey’s nine (9) largest port cities.  The two countries working together in joint package deal campaigns will benefit everyone.

So you heard it first here, jump on the bandwagon now before the crowds start coming, and book your tours with us. NOTE: remember you receive  10% discounts on multiple destinations. ** We can assist you in Istanbul, Izmir, Bodrum, Kusadasi in Turkey and in Greece, Athens, Santorini, Mykonos, and Rhodes.

FYI:  Stay tune for more info on the trial period , started in Jan,  of ‘new’ visa regulation which will increase visits to five Greek islands near the Turkish coast

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Greece and Turkey flags, both countries working together for package travel deals to both countries