Archaeologous update-tunnel Under the Bosphorus-

Turkey links Asia to Europe with new 8.1 mile tunnel, 60 meters under the Bosphorus waterway.

With approx 2 million people crossing the traffic clogged Bosphorus bridges daily there has been a 'need' for innovation for quite a while.

Good news for vacationers in Turkey as well as the residents is, as of Oct, 2013 a $3 Billion new railway tunnel 'under' the Bosphorus has opened and thus has created a historic linking of Europe and Asia. You will now be whisked along a 8.5 mile long tunnel at a depth of 60 meters below the seabed, which is being tauted as the world's deepest.

The project has gone on since it's commencement in 2004 by the Prime Minister and former Mayor of Istanbul, Recep Tayyip Erdogan. There were many delays due to the archaeological excavations that took place but now it's finished and coincides with the 90 anniversary of the founding of modern Turkey.

Other projects include upgrades of train lines to create a 47 mile line that will link the two continents.

Istanul Bosphorus NEW tunnel
Bosphorus tunnel in istanbul
Istanbul tunnel 60 meterss below Bosphorus