Santorini Year of Gastronomy

The official celebratory "Year of Gastronomy" in Santorini was 2013 however, every year is a treat on this one-of-a-kind Greek island. Santorini is a rare island indeed, with it's 3500 year old recently excavated Akrotiri city showing ancient life the way it was, the crops that grow with miniscule to no rain and the exquisite volcano created caldera. In general however, many visitors come away from Santorini remembering their experiences with the  foods and wines. 

Make sure you try what Santorini is known for: the dishes using the famed cherry tomatoes, white aubergines, fava, and the wines that have a lineage from 3500 years. It's interesting that the foods and wines have become famous as Santorini is an island made of lava and doesn't get rain. Even the grape vines are wound into a circle like basket to protect from the harsh winds and to collect as much dew as possible. 

You'll find delightful beach side cafes at Kamari beach, or caldera views in Firostephani and Imerovigli for wonderful dining and viewing experiences. While wine tasting is a real treat with award winning wineries to choose from all over the island.

Santorini and it's ultimate beauty has many places for a lunch to remember forever.
Santorini's famous fava dish.