More than a Pretty Face--Tourism, Gold, Construction-- Turkey has it all

      It's no surprise to find out that Turkey is one of the TOP TEN countries visited in the world, especially as a summer vacation destination. The award winning clean waters, the ancient legendary places of history, the crossroads of commerce, the kind people, the outstanding beaches are just a few reasons to vacation in Turkey.  However,the Turkish people are looking to let the world know they are more than a "pretty face".  Turkey is ready for foreign investors and this short blog will give you a quick look. 

     Already Turkey is ranking as desirable for international conventions and congresses. Companies like Eldorado Gold has invested hundreds of millions in the countrys Efemcukuru and Kisladag mines. Multinational corporations like consumables giant Unilever, export to Europe and the Middle East from 7 factories in Turkey, saying that Turkey is their "flagship" model. Energy companies, such as Kaptan, enjoy immense success in markets all over the world from the US to southern Europe , Northern Africa and Singapore as they know that "energy will be extremely important for Turkey in the future especially given our location." As said by the president of Kaptan, Ahmet Cebi.

The Latek conglomerate that has a presence in more than 100 countries exports/imports more than eight million tons of goods in and out of Turkey every year and is doubling that figure.

The construction company Inanlar, explains that with the growth of Turkey doubling by 2034 they are in the perfect spot.. There is such  demand with each of their developments that they sell first then build. They come from a philosophy of bringing together the strong inherited traditions mixed with the modern age. They feel the more they bring these strands together the more successful they will be. They must be doing something right as they sell their apartments first, then build them.