Top 10 vacation packing tips by Archaeologous

Bravo,  you're going on vacation. If you are reading this you will probably be heading for the azure seas of Greece and Turkey.

These helpful  top 10 tips for packing will save you lots of headaches, stress, and even backaches .

1. Take a language 'phrase' book of the countries you will be traveling. They do help and it's appreciated when the locals see you trying.

2. Roll your tops, leggings, beach cover ups, skirts etc. in a cylinder shape (like campers do). It takes up less room and keeps clothes better.

3. Remember the tried and true traveling rule: for 7 nights- 4 outfits... It works and saves space.

4. Lay out a key color on your bed, and then start matching everything to that. This way everything will be able to mix and match and thus save you even more space and weight. 

5. Pack plenty of extra memory sticks, your phone charger and be sure to buy/have a electricity converter as this will save hours of hunting if you don't take one with you to Europe.  Get the universal converter and it will be good in England, US and Europe. 

6. Take sunscreen, as you can probably get it less expensive than in Europe, and for sure you'll need it laying on the inviting beaches plus walking around the Acropolis in Athens or historical sites in Turkey like Ephesus or Istanbul..

7. Remove any of the old labels and tags off your suitcases as they have bar codes and you don't need your luggage taking it's 'own' vacation in a different location from you.

8. Have copies of your passports, travelers checks, your itinerary, and any other pertinent phone numbers and emergency numbers placed in a 'separate' place from the originals. 

9. Leave a complete itinerary with phone numbers of the places you will be staying on your travels with two friends/family members. 

10. Stand in front of your mirror and do a scan from top to bottom and as you see your needs, put them in the sink (tweezers, razor, special creams, medicines, facials, wash cloth--they don't exist in Europe). Then pack everything 'liquid' into your 'check on' bag. Only carry on what you absolutely need and it must be in 6 oz bottles or less or it WILL be confiscated.  Hopes this helps for your happy 'easy' traveling!

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