Acropolis 1 of 8 most visited spots globally, by CNN & Archaeologous

CNN article -May 2014

Even though there are many a great place to see in this big ole world, these 8 were chosen as the most well known tourist visited spots on the globe.  The Acropolis and Parthenon are among the eight. Even though being one of the 8 most popular places in the world to experience can lead to large crowds and having to wait in line sometimes, we all keep going back to the Taj Mahal, Acropolis, London Underground, Khao San Road (Bangkok),  Sacre Coeur in Paris, Brazil's Christ the Redeemer 98' statue, Stonehenge, and the Grand Canyon.

The Acropolis (Athens, Greece)--reality check

CNN warns that it might be a 'culture shock' if one is expecting white marble and Greeks in togas at every turn and for some the experience of waiting in the heat with the others to get tickets is not expected. Note: (when you take one of Archaeologous tours, the tickets are purchased by the guide to save you vacation time).

CNN says the climb up can be hot and crowded, but at the top, you'll see why a million people do this every year. Note: (there are benches in the shady walk up the hill to rest and cool off). Plus, it's always advisable to have a umbrella, sunscreen, water and a hat for these jaunts.

"This is Athenian culture refined and placed on a pedestal 150 meters high -- in every sense, it's the heart of Athens and maybe even of Greece.

The country's monuments have endured thousands of years of warfare, statue and stone theft, punishing heat, changing from church to mosque to ammo dump, but it's still here..

Be inspired by that, grit your teeth and brave those crowds. It's worth it." says CNN article.

Note: If you want to take another walk up to the peak of Lykavitos (Lycabettus) Hill  at 277 meters (highest point in the city) you can see the best view of Athens. You'll be looking 'down' onto the Acropolis and the rest of the panoramic view is breathtaking.

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The awe inspiring Acropolis