Top Beaches in the World-GREECE by Archaeologous

Question of the week:  I've seen photos of Greece and the waters and beaches always look great. Are there great beaches all over Greece? Answer: Greek beaches, 393 of them to be exact, were awarded the "Blue Flag" rating which is the "academy awards" of beaches. . Greece is in 2nd place out of the global 49 countries with entries. Blue Flag awards were adopted Europe-wide in 1987 after originating in France the same year. Actually, it's one of the most well known international environmental symbols of quality in the world. Pretty  great if you are coming to take your vacation holiday in Greece.

Family beaches: Check out Vougliameni in Athens, Elafonisi in Crete with magical see through shallow waters for the kids. There are a variety of beaches for every taste on Mykonos from family to nude, just ask us. The island of Rhodes has huge sandy gorgeous beaches with water sports available and even a walk up a hill where miracles are said to happen concerning infertility.

Too many to list, so check out these gorgeous photos below and get it touch and we'll be helpful in putting together your dream vacation.

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Gorgeous St John's beach under the Lindos Acropolis on Rhodes.
Vougliameni Beach in Athens--nothing better than the history and then the relaxation.
One of the gorgeous beaches in Mykonos Greece, (Kalifotis) for windsurfing. Many to choose from.