Restoration of the marvel, the Parthenon-by Archaeologous

Did you know?? There has been ongoing efforts to preserve this magnificent heritage to mankind, the Parthenon. So far a total of 2,675 tons of architectural members were restored, 686 stones reassembled from fragments of the originals, 905 patched with new marble, and 186 parts made entirely of new marble.

A total of 530 cubic meters of new Pentelic marble were used. See photos below of the original 'painted' Parthenon and Acropolis, plus the massive statue of the Goddess Athena which was displayed inside the Parthenon. You will thoroughly enjoy your walk up the 250' incline to the Acropolis knowing you are walking in the footsteps of some of the greatest minds that ever lived on earth.

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This replica in the USA shows the size of the Goddess Athena that was housed by the Parthenon.
How the majestic Parthenon looked 2,500 years ago.
One of the worlds legacies, the Parthenon.