Sacred Goddess tours in Turkey by Archaeologous

Archaeologous (Tour specialist in Turkey and Greece) is offering a Sacred Goddess tour in Turkey. Once communities such as Ephesus, legend has it, was commanded by the Amazons, the giant warrior women that lived and reigned as a matriarchal society. There are many temples to discover: in Ephesus, there was one of the Seven Wonders of the World (the Temple of Artemis which was 4 x's as large as the Parthenon in Athens), in Aphrodiasias (the city named after the great Goddess Aphrodite) there is a beautiful Temple and excavated city, and one of the most exciting Roman ruins in the world, the excavations of ancient Hierapolis, where the Goddess Ma was worshiped and Romans came seeking cures, These are some of the reason why Turkey, in ancient times, was called the Land of Goddesses - Come walk in the footsteps of the earliest communities on the globe and let us introduce you to this story of Turkey, the land of Goddesses.

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