Piraeus and Athens -What's cooking? by Archaeologous

In Piraeus why not go to the restaurant immortalized in song, the historic Belle Amie cafe? Everyone from politicians, movie stars, high society to regular dock workers have enjoyed this favorite meeting spot. You'll find that the cook prefers the established classical dishes of Greek cuisine. You'll enjoy the nostalgic vintage flavor and feel like you are back in time. It's located at Angelou Metaxa street. 

#Athens is a large city but with many separate neighborhoods. Here are a great couple of choices for the real deal in food. If you don't want a full meal but want to experience a #Greek favorite then stop in at some mezedopoleia for some 'mezes' (appetizers). One of the most popular is the Mavro Provato Arrianou Street, another is the Ivi on Nacarchou Apostoli Street which serves wonderful mezes including spicy anchovies, mussels in a mustard sauce and more.  These mezes are great with ouzo (don't forget to add water the way the Greeks do). You can get cold cuts with delicious traditionally made Greek cheeses, and fish soups as well. 

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Go Greek with 'mezes' and 'ouzo' suggest tour specialist, Archaeologous