Flower lovers-What TULIPS mean to Turkey

One of the most fascinating facts about Turkey, of which there are thousands, is that "tulips" were brought FROM Turkey to Holland in the 16th Century!  Today, of course, Holland has a huge tulip export business and is thought of as the originator of Tulips.... When in fact, there were a varied variety grown in Turkey long before they were introduced in the 16th century. The respected design of the "tulip" has been/is created into designs on the traditional carpets, bowls, tiles, lamps etc. for thousands of years. 

 By the 17th century, especially around 1637 when highly popular tulip's  prices were going up by the day reaching exorbitant numbers, the Dutch government unsuccessfully tried to outlaw this overblown commerce but couldn't do anything to stop it as the trade was all about access and demand.

"Tulipa", the botanical name for tulips is derived from the Turkish word "tulbend" or "turban", which the flower resembles. It's considered as the King of Bulbs.

Tulips have played an interesting role in the Turkish history. There is actually a period in Turkish history between 1718-1730 that is actually called the "Tulip Era", under the reign of  Sultan Ahmed III. This was a time of peace and enjoyment.  Finally 2 things, the 1730 revolt ending with the sultan being de-throned, and the over supply led to lower prices and the tulip market crashed. MoralDon't put all your tulips in one basket!