2015 NEW 5 Hr. Santorini Sail Boat Tour by Archaeologous

If you are looking for #GreekTours, or things to do while in Santorini, this is a Santorini adventure to be sure! Breathing pure sea air, being 'in' the sunset experience, snorkeling and swimming in the active volcano's hot springs, There's even a BBQ and unlimited drinks. What a deal! If you are vacationing on Santorini, just sign up for your choice; a private or shared five hour Santorini Sail.  Enjoy the blissful sail around Santorini's caldera formed 3500 years ago by the huge volcanic eruption. It's truly a unique activity to do on Santorini, just show up with your suit, everything else is provided for you. can put you in the picture. 

Santorini 5 Hour Sail- book with Archeologous