Knowledge of a basic necessity in Turkey by Archaeologous

Somebody has to help you out when you travel to Turkey, so I thought it would be us. What do you do when one of the family "has to go"? And I don't mean on a trip... But to the toilet or "Tuvalet" in Turkish. New country, new language, and a new emergency. A knowledgeable traveler is a less hassled traveler.  So here are a few tips for this basic human need:  

Start: by looking for the signs "00", "WC" or "Tuvalet", or maybe even play the game of looking for those cute int'l pictures of  little pigtail girls in skirts or boys in shorts flying kites.

Money: Have TL 1.00 for the charge (in most places) and be aware that you might be with a toilet you recognize (a commode type) or it might be the older flat "elephant's feet type that you would squat over where your feet basically are touching the toilet on the floor. (long coats and carrying things not suggested for this one).

To Flush or not to flush: Finding how to 'flush a toilet' can be an experience in many different countries from pulling the levers up, to pulling a chain down. In Turkey there will be two flush panels. the concept is to save water, so one is for your liquid and the other for your solids. (Pretty organized eh?) If there is a confusing sign like the one I read in Istanbul which said to "conserve water push flush button twice", this only means the second 'push' stops the water. 

Toilet Paper: In older areas of Turkey just the same as in Greece, one is not supposed to put toilet paper in the toilet. A basket is usually found for this and you should comply to this environmental necessity. 

(Probably should pack some napkins of your own  just in case), as the customs are different. For tourist, this one might prove a little more difficult  There still is toilet paper furnished but their custom is to use the spigot to rinse the left hand that is used instead of toilet paper.

So now, don't you feel better and more comfortable. Happy travels.