Exercising while flying by Archaeologous

With the newfound global acceptance of exercise as a way to stay healthy... what do you do when you are couped up in an airplane flying off to your home, some exotic retreat, friends or other adventure.  Some of those flights can be 11, 15 or more hours. 

Have no fear, there are lots of 'healthful hints' that will have you arriving in good shape and ready for scuba diving the Cayman dropoff, surfing on Australia's brilliant coastline, getting home to the kids after a long absence or being brilliant at a Paris meeting or designing another world class masterpiece in Dubai.

Here's some body health tips while flying: *** Oxygen creates our internal energy so settle down and breathe in to the count of 4 slowly, then hold, then exhale to the count of 4, then hold. Repeat this for 2-3 minutes. You will feel more calm and also more energetic. *** Do a full body isometric (that's where you will tense up your entire body--butt, legs, arms, stomach, facial cheeks, then let go and see if you can feel what happens. repeat this 4-5 times. *** Lift shoulders up at same time you scrunch your face. hold for count of 4 then let go. *** Rub your eyes and belly button at same time. This is great for co-ordination and balance.  *** Roll your toes and fingers under and squeeze. *** Massage your hands from wrist to tips of fingers...(if you can reach your feet do the same massage from heel to tips of toes). This is a full body massage and energizes the whole nervous system.

Exercises and healthful hints for your flight by Archaeologousla