Top 10 Shopping Tips for vacationing in Turkey by Archaeologous

Shopping is a blast when you are in an exotic sensual new place that is known for it' "Turkish Delights". And these top 10 tips from tour experts, Archaeologous,  will help you to get the best deals out of that moment when shopping in Turkey.

It is a tradition to bargain for a deal when in Turkey. Usually done over tea in a civilized manner. In your home country maybe you just pay the price tag and that is it. In Turkey, you can try to get a better deal with items like carpets, artwork, ceramics, hand blown lamps, hand sewn boots etc. 

 Top 10 tips for shopping in Turkey

1. Have a guide... with you the first day you are in Turkey. They can help you immensely with where to go later and get you some great deals so you will know how to do it. 

2. Keep a calm demeanor... You might have to practice ladies. No matter how much you LOVE the item don't show that. 

3. Have plenty of time... sometimes it pays to leisurely have a cup of offered tea to end up with everyone happy. (Them selling something, and you getting a great deal and a story to tell back home.) 

4Never be afraid to walk away ...from the deal. You'd be surprised how the price will drop if you execute this correctly. 

5. Be knowledgeable... by having an idea of what the general price is for the item you are looking to buy.

6. Be cagey... Never tell the shop owners/sales people what you "want to pay". They will always ask you that. Stick to your guns and keep saying, what is your lowest price (with a smile).

7 No regrets... Be happy with the deal you get and even if you hear a lower price that someone ele got something for, remember your experience and your happiness with the item and price when you got it.

8. Rule of Thumb...  know they are doubling or tripling the real price that they will take. So you counter with half of what you have decided you 'will' pay for the item and work from there.   

9. Bring cash... The shop owners only want to deal in cash, as many don't have cc machines.  However, if you only have a credit card, seemingly 'all' shop owners have a friend/uncle in the carpet business that will let them us 'their' cc machine. (You will be looking at carpets the next thing you know). Banks will charge 2%-6% per transaction. You may even be charged for travelers checks, so bring cash.  

10. You're obliged only if you agree on a price... Even though you've spent a half hour and maybe drank their tea, unless you have agreed on a price, you are not obligated. If you've made a verbal contract however, you must honor it. (Your word you know?)

With Archaeologous top 10 shopping tips for Turkey, you'll have a great time
Turkey is a shopping mecca says Archaeologous, tour experts